Muscle cars are part of America's automotive heritage

Muscle cars are part of America's automotive heritage

Muscle cars and other classic cars are an important link to our automotive and personal pasts.  While they may only represent a smaller snapshot of time (the golden age of muscle cars lasted less than a decade) they still represent a lifestyle that many of us cherish or remember with fondness.  This is our personal link to the vehicles: a remembered first date, your first real new car, a race day in the rain against some punk in a Corvette…

Those of us who are too young to remember these cars as new can appreciate the sheer austere nature of their design.  These cars were meant to go fast.  Anything that stopped them from going fast was thrown out or minimized.  Speed was the mantra that the designers all chanted.  Speed trumped comfort, speed overruled safety.  In the end these cars were some of the purest and most focused vehicles to come out of Detroit.

I’m a big fan of muscle cars because of their raw power and sleek lines.  Because of this I’ve owned several over the years, and have enjoyed them even with their quirks and oddities (30 year old muscle cars can be cranky, let me tell you).  Over all those years I’ve tried a variety of car insurance companies to get adequate coverage on my cars.  Unlike a daily driver a classic car requires specialized care when being repaired from an accident, especially if you want to maintain its value by using new old stock (NOS) parts to keep it original.  I’ve tried my standard insurance company (State Farm, Progressive) and in the past they’ve been resistant to cover specialty vehicles.  This has led to a lot of hassles and paperwork, and in the end an unsatisfied experience.

In the end I’ve found the best way to get insurance for my classic car or muscle car is to go with a specialty insurance company.  My last go around I had an opportunity to review the leading muscle car insurance companies in the nation.  From my notes and personal experiences I’ve written brief reviews of each company’s coverage and policy standards, and tried to give you a feel for what the company had to offer.  Each person and their situation is different so please take the time to read through all the reviews before making any long-term decision.  I will attempt to update the reviews over time to keep them fresh and up to date.

Once you have coverage with a particular company it is important to review any policy changes on an annual basis.  During the month of February while your baby slumbers in the garage go to your insurance company’s web site and review their offerings.  Perhaps something better has come along that you’d benefit from.  Also, take the time to review what your expenditures are and make sure you increase your coverage in the case your car’s value has gone up.

All in all muscle cars can be one of the most rewarding hobbies a car nut can have.  It can be a family affair with the bug passed down from generation to generation.  Remember to protect that investment in money and sweat with the proper insurance coverage.  With planning and forethought you can enjoy your classic car without worrying about the consequences of an accident, theft, or fire.  Have a safe driving season!