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Protecting your pride and joy

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Protecting your pride and joy

Owning a classic car whether it is an antique cruiser or a prized muscle car it is most likely your pride and joy. Owning and maintaining such a vehicle is a labor of love and a major investment of your time, money, passion, and effort. As such it is absolutely critical that you have the appropriate classic or muscle car insurance. There are many variations on muscle car insurance over insurance for a regular car. Unlike a regular car which is easily replaced an appraised an antique or muscle car is often very rare and thus placing an appropriate value on it is difficult. In addition the standard insurance rates adjustment rules don’t necessarily apply.

Not every old car is a classic and working one on one with your insurance company is critical. Given the unique nature of your investment it means you can’t just go to a big insurers website and get a quote. You will need to work with an agent to gather all the specifics pertaining to your classic muscle care and will also need to take into consideration what if any compensation you will want in case anything should happen to your car. Although it won’t necessarily be cheap, having the right level of insurance is important should tragedy strike.

Whiplash Can Have Problematic Effects

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Whiplash Can Have Problematic Effects

The most frequent personal injury reported by a vehicle occupant in an accident is whiplash. During sudden deceleration of a car, the upper body of a passenger is slammed backwards very quickly and forcefully, causing various amounts of injury and pain in the neck, back, and/or shoulders.
Many accident victims do not know that they experienced whiplash. Sometimes symptoms can take a few days to appear. Minor injuries included tenderness of the back, arms, shoulders, neck and stiffness of these areas. Serious injuries can be of the mental variety, such as problems focusing and memory impairments.
In less problematic whiplash cases, discomfort goes away in a few days, but symptoms been known to last for months after an accident and some damages may even be permanent.
Too often whiplash victims do not even know that they might be eligible to receive compensation for their medical bills and suffering. If the wreck was not your fault and you believe you should get money for your troubles, contact an attorney for help. Most often these kinds of cases require no fee to be paid to the attorney if they do not win the case. This way, there is no monetary risk for you. If they do win they will get a cut of your money, but by doing this you are guaranteed not to loose any money.

Some Burton police reports grabbing attention

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Some Burton police reports grabbing attention

A Burton man of 52 called the police on February 15 and reported that he had met an accident that supposedly occurred near Bristol and Fenton roads. The police found the man with bloodshot eyes and there was smell of alcohol too. The man also changed his statement about the vehicle and later on he was found guilty of driving while intoxicated and that too on a suspended driving license. The man was in the intention of grabbing the money of insurance claim but had to end up in the jail. There are some muscle car owners that try to claim muscle car insurance companies by reporting fraud accidents too.

There was another report of hit and run case when a Flint man reported the police that a day before he had parked his car in the parking lot of Center Road Business and found several scratches on it. There was one more report from a woman who had left her purse on the passenger seat of a locked car and when she returned the window was shattered and the purse was missing. The purse contained credit card, gasoline card, a checkbook, social security card and her driver’s license card too. However the damage to the car was predicted at $250.

Furthermore a man who reported of an accident was arrested because he was driving intoxicated and had previous records of license suspension and was arrested before for driving intoxicated too. Another man was arrested from East Court Street retail business after a complaint from an employee of being cheated and the man admitted of fraud up to $2,500. There were other similar cases reported in latest Burton police records.

Muscle Car Insurance Can Save The Day

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

I’ve recently purchased a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and I’ve been searching the Internet looking for a good classic car insurance policy to cover my baby.

The research I’ve done indicates there are several top firms offering something called “stated value” insurance, which means you as a car owner gets to dictate the value of your classic car.  This means that unlike your Camry when it gets involved in an accident you’ll actually be able to make sure your muscle car has enough coverage to get the repairs it requires to get it back into original shape.

Regular insurance only covers a vehicle up to it’s “blue book” value.  Your muscle car might have a value much higher than this insurance industry standard by getting your vehicle covered with stated value insurance you can rest assured that in the event of an accident or severe damage your investment is protected.

My car is a perfect example of this.  It’s old yet very rare; only forty examples of it exist in the world today.  While an insurance adjuster might look up it’s price as $4,000 I know the vehicle is worth at least ten times that.  My classic car insurance is definitely worth the cost.

Sites like Classic Car Insurance Reviews covers all the major classic car insurance companies out there.  They’ll give you a good overview of the policies and costs.  It’s a good place to start any collector car insurance research.

I had a friend recently who was involved in a huge crash with his Mustang.  He ended up paying through the nose for the right kind of repairs.  He’s since gotten on the bandwagon with me about the importance of specialty car insurance.  It’s funny, he talks like it was always his idea!