Deciding Where to get a Muscle Car Insurance

Getting car insurance can be a hard thing to do specially when you have to decide on which policy is best for your style of driving and what you think you could live with paying monthly, for the right coverage. As hard it it might seem to find a good insurance policy for a normal car. Just imagine how difficult it is to find a insurance policy for a antique collectors car. The first thing to state up front is different states have different laws on how old a car has to be in order to be classified as a antique. So that KIA sportage in your garage might be a classic to you but depending on what state you live in, it might not be old enough. As any collectible, you must show that the car is not your primary car and that it is kept safe and away from the elements. Car insurance can deffer especially when you are talking about a antique car insurance policy.

To show you how different a collectors car policy is for a normal car, on a normal car policy you are paid cash for the value of replacing the car subtracted by the cost of depreciation. which would be trouble for a car collect because it does not take into account actually collectors value only that of the car. A collectors car insurance would pay out the value of the actual agreed appreciation of the car. Giving the owner full value for his car. Another upside of collectors insurance is the price, it cost around a third of the price of a normal policy making it very inexpensive.

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