More uninsured drivers likely

More uninsured drivers likely

In the times we are in as well as our economy right now there are numerous people driving without insurance for there car. Experts say by 2010 there will more drivers in the U.S alone that will be driving without auto insurance. The laws and insurance officials are try to enforce this but it will just get worse before better. Even back in 2003 there was a slight decrease of this issue up till 2007. The increase will become in number of motorists without insurance in the near future. There is not much most of us can do but try to live and make the money for our living expenses over trying to get auto insurance for our cars. As the consequences of this action will virtually hit hard to most. Economically this will make a downturn and show how everyone is being affected by our economy right now.

Recently in Muscle Shoals the police Capt. Dale Garret had put this in terms that if it comes down to someone wanting to eat or going out to buy car insurance; they will chose to eat. Surveys are showing that five states now have the highest number of uninsured motorists two years ago were all in New Mexico which followed by southern states Mississippi and so on. The lowest was shown in places like Massachusetts, Maine, and few other east coast states as well as one Midwest state. Unemployment rate has also been a main factor for all this to with most not having car insurance.

The problem will get worse as they say before it gets better and most folks just have insurance have uninsured motorist coverage which just protects them if they hit someone else. This also could increase premiums for those who do have insurance for there cars.

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