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More uninsured drivers likely

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

More uninsured drivers likely

In the times we are in as well as our economy right now there are numerous people driving without insurance for there car. Experts say by 2010 there will more drivers in the U.S alone that will be driving without auto insurance. The laws and insurance officials are try to enforce this but it will just get worse before better. Even back in 2003 there was a slight decrease of this issue up till 2007. The increase will become in number of motorists without insurance in the near future. There is not much most of us can do but try to live and make the money for our living expenses over trying to get auto insurance for our cars. As the consequences of this action will virtually hit hard to most. Economically this will make a downturn and show how everyone is being affected by our economy right now.

Recently in Muscle Shoals the police Capt. Dale Garret had put this in terms that if it comes down to someone wanting to eat or going out to buy car insurance; they will chose to eat. Surveys are showing that five states now have the highest number of uninsured motorists two years ago were all in New Mexico which followed by southern states Mississippi and so on. The lowest was shown in places like Massachusetts, Maine, and few other east coast states as well as one Midwest state. Unemployment rate has also been a main factor for all this to with most not having car insurance.

The problem will get worse as they say before it gets better and most folks just have insurance have uninsured motorist coverage which just protects them if they hit someone else. This also could increase premiums for those who do have insurance for there cars.

How to buy classic car insurance smartly?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

How to buy classic car insurance smartly?

How to buy classic car insurance smartly? This is a big question to those who own classic cars. They often add the classic car to their existing policy. This is not the best way to insure a classic car. If you insure your car in this way you would have to pay higher premiums. Moreover, if you have to claim a damage or loss then the payouts would be less.

It is better to insure your car through a collector car insurance company so that your coverage is less expensive. However, you need to enter into certain agreements with the insurance companies. You may need to store your vehicle in locked garages as per the agreements. You may not be allowed to own many vehicles under this scheme. You need to stick to limited car use as per this agreement. There will be a yearly mileage cap. In this way the risk factor involved is reduced considerably for the insurance companies.

You may wonder whether the insurance companies would insist on following some strict rules that are not viable to the car owners. Sometimes the car owners are scared to use their cars because of the strict rules of collector car insurance companies. They need not worry too much on these stuff if they are aware of the actual terms and conditions of the agreement. You can be sure that the insurance companies would compensate the agreed value with out fail. You can use your car up to 2500 miles per year.

In a nutshell, I would say that it is easy to buy smart classic car insurance if you learn a few techniques involved in the insurance rules. You will enjoy lower premium and higher payouts.

How to Handle Antique Cars

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

How to Handle Antique Cars
To a person who collects and tunes antique cars, it is not hard to communicate the wonderful feeling of getting behind the wheel of a new item in your collection. These are not just machines, not just a transportation device: these are beautiful pieces of artwork that only a collector can truly understand. However, like all artwork, there are certain things that must be done to keep them in optimal condition. You have to properly frame your painting, you have to wax your outdoor metal statue, you have to occasionally tune your car.
A car may especially be out of tune directly after purchasing it. Many proprietors and previous owners of the vehicles make sure that the outside of the vehicle is beautiful and pristine, while they forget that the inner machinery is just as important as anything else. Also, if you plan to put your car through the test of driving it, it is very important for these things to be in order. Driving the car just puts more wear on everything within. Many choose not to even drive their antique vehicles at all, especially considering that many are not rust proof, and who knows what the weather may do to it. Make sure that you get a proper insurance policy for any antique vehicle that you buy. It is, occasionally, possible to buy an insurance policy only for an antique.

Deciding Where to get a Muscle Car Insurance

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Getting car insurance can be a hard thing to do specially when you have to decide on which policy is best for your style of driving and what you think you could live with paying monthly, for the right coverage. As hard it it might seem to find a good insurance policy for a normal car. Just imagine how difficult it is to find a insurance policy for a antique collectors car. The first thing to state up front is different states have different laws on how old a car has to be in order to be classified as a antique. So that KIA sportage in your garage might be a classic to you but depending on what state you live in, it might not be old enough. As any collectible, you must show that the car is not your primary car and that it is kept safe and away from the elements. Car insurance can deffer especially when you are talking about a antique car insurance policy.

To show you how different a collectors car policy is for a normal car, on a normal car policy you are paid cash for the value of replacing the car subtracted by the cost of depreciation. which would be trouble for a car collect because it does not take into account actually collectors value only that of the car. A collectors car insurance would pay out the value of the actual agreed appreciation of the car. Giving the owner full value for his car. Another upside of collectors insurance is the price, it cost around a third of the price of a normal policy making it very inexpensive.