Some Burton police reports grabbing attention

Some Burton police reports grabbing attention

A Burton man of 52 called the police on February 15 and reported that he had met an accident that supposedly occurred near Bristol and Fenton roads. The police found the man with bloodshot eyes and there was smell of alcohol too. The man also changed his statement about the vehicle and later on he was found guilty of driving while intoxicated and that too on a suspended driving license. The man was in the intention of grabbing the money of insurance claim but had to end up in the jail. There are some muscle car owners that try to claim muscle car insurance companies by reporting fraud accidents too.

There was another report of hit and run case when a Flint man reported the police that a day before he had parked his car in the parking lot of Center Road Business and found several scratches on it. There was one more report from a woman who had left her purse on the passenger seat of a locked car and when she returned the window was shattered and the purse was missing. The purse contained credit card, gasoline card, a checkbook, social security card and her driver’s license card too. However the damage to the car was predicted at $250.

Furthermore a man who reported of an accident was arrested because he was driving intoxicated and had previous records of license suspension and was arrested before for driving intoxicated too. Another man was arrested from East Court Street retail business after a complaint from an employee of being cheated and the man admitted of fraud up to $2,500. There were other similar cases reported in latest Burton police records.

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