Finding Inexpensive Collector Car Insurance In California

Living in California today can be one of the most expensive things to do. What’s probably even harder to do, is to find good classic car insurance in California. What are you to do though, it may be expensive, but you can’t take the risk of losing you’re most prized possession. So what should you do? Well it’s simple; find a good insurance agency that’s willing to bend so that they fit you.

What you want to look for is an insurer who has what you want. If you’re driving from San Francisco to Los Angles, do you want to end up pushing your car? No you don’t, so getting an insurer who provides road side assistance is what you should be looking for.

Some other things to look for are policies. If the insurer offers a valued contract agreement, you should definitely look into them. This means they will give you a refund if you’re car is totaled or damaged beyond drivable.

What you should also take into consideration is this; does the company allow you to use the repair shop of your choice? If you have a friend or a good repairman, why change that? Some insurers allow you to use the repair shop of your choice. This is always a plus. At the same time, some insurers allow for everybody involved in working on the car to be insured as well. Imagine that, a car insurer who also insures people!

However, there are some requirements you must fulfill in order to become insured. For one, most insurers require that you keep the car locked up in a safe storage place while it’s not in use. Others require that you have little or no violations on the street, such as, speeding tickets, traffic violations, and so on and so forth. There is also only a certain amount of cars some places will insure. Mostly exotics, antiques and classic cars are those being insured.

These are only tips I offer while you search for your insurance. I cannot promise you find these. My last suggestion though, is this, find an insurer that is the right fit for you. If an insurer makes you feel uncomfortable, then why use it? Get quotes, ask around, and keep within your price range. If you find a company you really like, bargain with them, they want your money more than you want their insurance.